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Help kids from your community by sponsoring a child through Trillian.

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October 14th to 16th


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Help kids from your community by sponsoring a child through Trillian.

Trillian is there for children in all sorts of challenging circumstances. We fund a broad range of requirements, from medical equipment.

Your team of Official experts!

Let me introduce the team behind this incredible event:

Mojo – Bash organiser, route organiser, and general good bloke (does not actually do a hell of a lot). He of coarse is ably assisted by the rest of us who do even less if that is possible.

Lou – in charge of printing and getting to dinner early, head of GTNA committee, head of DG committee, in fact if you want to know anything about committees Lou is your man, (but if you need detail Jif is your man)!!

Lyn and Dorris, these 2 are in charge of movement and deliveries, they both move very well and have been known to deliver someone to the correct address, even if it was the wrong day. Both highly experienced at what they do (we have not figured this out yet) and out standing in there field (or a paddock)

Glenda –  the …

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New Food Trailer

2015-03-03 17.57.45

Ok kids, this is what you have all been waiting for, our new food trailer, it had it’s inaugural outing on this years bash in March 2015 and performed very well, we did beef the springs up after hitting a deep culvert at 70 kms but other than that performed well.

Just for the record, we can cater for 200 people with 2 x 6 burner BBQ’s plus 4 gas rings coupled to 5 gas bottles, fold out table, fold up doors to protect us from the rain, walk in chiller which we have proven to carry 56 boxs of a drinkable substance and lots of food, coupled to this is a 6 kva generator that powers up the fridge and a 25 litre instant hot water boiler for coffee and tea, there is a sink plus 80 litre water tank …

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Great Southern Dash 4,5,6th August 2017 – Queenstown

Start and finish in Queenstown

The perfect 3 day weekend starts on Thursday Night with drinks and nibbles from 6 pm, at 7 pm we will draw your rental car keys out of a hat and that will be your trusty steed until Sunday night, you have until 8 am the next morning to do it up as you want, just keep in mind the rental company would like it back in sort of the same condition you got it in (Mark and Stu). Then you will travel some of the best back roads the South Island has to offer, all in the name of fun and fundraising. There are a number of fun things happening over the weekend, one of which is the random act of kindness, take a pic or video of your team doing some thing for some one and be into win. See you there!!!

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Variety Bash 2017 18th to 25th March

Ok, here it is the official route of the 2017 Bash

18 th March,  Launch in Matamata

19th March, Day 1 – Matamata to Orewa

20th March,  Day 2 – Orewa to Dargaville

21st March, Day 3 – Dargaville to Omapere

22nd March, Day 4 – Omapere to Taipa/Coopers Beach

23rd March, Day 5 – Taipa to Taipa

24th March, Day 6 – Taipa to Russel

25th March, Day 7 –  Russel to Whangarei

So what are you waiting for, be there or be square!!

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Variety NZ does not want to be associated with the bash anymore

Hi, it is with much sadness that we report the parting of the ways between Variety New Zealand and the Bash family, the event has been run in New Zealand for 26 years and raises many millions of dollars for Variety and has a very high public/media presence. All the bash crews which number about 220 people are devastated that Variety New Zealand no longer wants to be associated with the Bash event siting Health and Safety concerns.

Another charity has snapped up the chance to be the recipient of the event and the 220 bashers along with their 625 sponsors will be aligning themselves with the new charity in the New Year

All the official crew who have been running the bash will stay on (most have been involved since 1991). They also run several other events for Variety and all these events will move across to the new …

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